In an effort to host a quality event and to maximize participation, the Competition Organizing Committee has created a Corporate Sponsorship Program to obtain additional attendance for the event. You can find the agenda details below. Have a NICE competition.


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6 May 2018

[event time=”08:30 — 9:30″ room=”Ishik University, 100 Meter Campus”]Registration for the event[/event]
[event time=”09:30 — 10:00″ room=”Allotted areas at Ishik University”]Setting up stands and starting the exhibition (Opening Ceremony) [/event]

[event time=”10:00 — 13:00″ room=”Allotted areas at Ishik University”] Commencing of the NICE 2018 Competition   [/event]
[lunch time=”13:00 — 14:.0″ room=”Allotted areas at Ishik University”]Lunch Break[/lunch]
[event time=”16:30 — 17:30″ room=”Main Entrance Hall”]Award Ceremony [/event][/agenda]